Tap Blox

Tap Blox is a match-3 game with simple but stylish graphics and a addictive gameplay. Special Items like "Column Cleaner", "Row Cleaner" and "Cross Cleaner" helps you to get best scores. If you are fast enough you can get an endless gameplay with endless fun. Fast, faster - Tap Blox.

Game Modes


Match 3 or more identical blocks, be fast to get more time to play, because the time goes by. The game is over if the time is up.


Play the same style as in classic mode but with a new Special Item "ColorCleaner" for removing all blocks with the same color.


You need at least two identical blocks to remove it from the playfield. Find 3 or more identical blocks to to fill the playfield with new blocks. The more you can remove at once, the more new you get. The game is over, if there are no more matches.



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