Marble Power Blast - Gameplay Video

Bubble Shooter DX released

Bubble Shooter Deluxe (DX) is a classic bubble shoot game.
This addictive classic bubble blast match-three game comes with clean and modern graphics, hundreds of great challenging levels and some nice special items for better game experience in harder levels.


Birdie Up released

It is finally spring time! The first flowers and grasses awaken from hibernation and a cute little birdie too.


Tower Up released

Build your highest tower up in the sky and higher.
The tiny tower residents are part of your work, they are happy if the tower is rising through the clouds into the outer space.


[ Android ]Swamp Defense 2 released

In a once very peaceful village, a strange professor tried to build a machine (Arcade Klonomat) that was intended to clone cows and increase milk production. Already in the first tests, he found out that cows could not be cloned due to the high protein content of the milk. In short, the professor secretly sank the Arcade Klonomat in a nearby swamp. Favored by toxic fumes from the waste stored there from the local nuclear power plant, the Arcade Klonomat has been creating terrible swamp monsters since that day who wreak havoc in the neighborhood.

Courageous villages fight an almost hopeless fight against the spawn of the swamp without suspecting that the valued professor is to blame for this problem. Instead of trying to find a solution, he built an Arcade Klonomat for people and demanded money for its use. Since this is only a very small village, the few residents are forced to clone themselves in order to compete against the swamp monsters as an army.


M.A.C.E. Preview Teaser

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